Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Haul- for my eyes :-)

I was cleaning my face one time and then i realized that the puffiness and the dark areas on my eyes was so not acceptable anymore.. So i went to target to look for a product that could help minimize those problems i have with my eyes :-)

I chose Aveeno over Olay because i love Aveeno products so i do hope that this one works better than olay :-) or if any of my ladies have any suggestion please feel free to tell me.

Garnier anti-puff eye roller gel

This one works for the puffiness of the eyes. I HOPE I HOPE that i bought the right one ;) but as of my experience this one actually works! REALLY! :)

Make-up remover :-)
this is a good product i like it :)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

TAG/ and an AWARD♥

I've been tagged by my super sweet friend
( i'm sorry i dont know how to change the link to make it appear as name.. if any of my ladies could spare me their time and teach me it will be much appreciated LOL!


Take a picture of yourself RIGHT now. No primping or preparing. Just snap a picture. Load the picture onto your blog. Tag some people to play.

okay let me tell you something.. "I JUST GOT UP!!!" can i say i am a VICTIM of this TAG GAME going on?? LOL! so sure sure laugh all you want HAHA! *kidding! ;D
thank you to my: puffy eyes, pale lips, pale skin, and me looking a bit sleepy LMAO!
but yeah i had fun! it was a FUN TAG GAME though.. and oh thank you to the TIME difference that we all ladies have, while some of you looking fresh at this time here i am looking *disaster..


I was also tagged/given an award by KAT-http://tirinmakeup.blogspot.com/ (again) :D
its a FRIENDSHIP AWARD which makes me feel a FRIENDLY PERSON *i am actually.. ;)
thanks sis for this award.. who would have thought we could be BFF.. thanks to *tooot* coz we found each other LOL!!!

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I would like to give this award to:
1. mzkrystall-http://mzkrystall.blogspot.com/
2. Abcgrrrl-http://www.abcgrrrl.com/
3. donnarence-http://mylucidintervals.blogspot.com/
4. Becky-http://iambeautiful20.blogspot.com/
5. Pop Champagne-http://popchampagne.blogspot.com/
6. thiamere-http://thiamere.blogspot.com/
7. Sharlene-http://x3mzshar.blogspot.com/

and........ ANOTHER tagged/given an award by my sweet ladies
thiamere-http://thiamere.blogspot.com/ and
thank you thiamere and Sharlene for this award!! *huggy! :)
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I'll be sharing this with:
1. Kat-http://tirinmakeup.blogspot.com/
2. Abcgrrrl-http://www.abcgrrrl.com/
3. donnarence-http://mylucidintervals.blogspot.com/
4. Becky-http://iambeautiful20.blogspot.com/
5. Pop Champagne-http://popchampagne.blogspot.com/
6. GirlyTomboy-http://yixng.blogspot.com/
7. Jennnyy-http://peacelovehellokitty.blogspot.com/
8. EyezAddiction-http://eyezaddiction.blogspot.com/
9. rochellerivera-http://rochellerivera.blogspot.com/
10. Mavic-http://mvictoria29.blogspot.com/


Monday, May 11, 2009


Hi ladies it's been a while since a create a blog so here i am sharing something with you again ;)
me and my family went to International Mall here at Tampa Florida.. and in my SURPRISE!! "SEPHORA" was there!!.. so of course as we all ladies do "SHOPPING TIME" LOL!..

It was my first time to buy products from Sephora so i took a picture of their packaging.. LOL!

Would you believe they gave me a BIRTHDAY GIFT!!.. they gave me 3 lip glosses with different cute colors.. The Lady said since i am an "APRIL BABY" i'm gonna have a gift from SEPHORA.. (by the way this was a LATE POST i'm sorry :( i bought these stuff on last week of April) so yeah i'm sooo HAPPY.. it was my first time to buy in Sephora and now i'm getting 3 cute lip glosses for FREE or should i say as a GIFT! unbelievable.. LOL!

and look it has HAPPY BIRTHDAY on it! COOLNESS!! ;D
*here are the lipglosses i got from them.. :)

Eyeshadow brushes..
I bought all over shadow brush and rounded crease brush

this rounded crease brush is a good blending brush too :D
Sephora Brand Professionnel Rounded Crease Brush #13 , $17

Sephora Brand Professionnel All Over Shadow Brush
- Large #21, $15

Too Faced Shadow Insurance , $17

I've been hearing soo many good reviews about this
so i give it a try to see for myslef how well it works with my eyeshadows..
*and with my EXPERIENCE it's a MUST HAVE :)
here's a review from xteeener who happen to be my fave GURU.. ;)

what's up with me?? we celebrate Karen's 22nd birthday and here's a glimpse of us acting crazy.. ;)

love my make-up??

Have a great week ladies :D